Happy Dance All Over the Living Room

Been doing some big steps to change my life completely… I am physically “dancing” with exercise videos on Hulu plus.  There must be over 30 different routines to choose from.  As I am getting “smarter”, I am not blaming myself for my sick brain anymore.  For years, I thought if  I was just more intelligent, I could outthink myself into a very rich lifestyle.  I wasn’t the rich city dream girl I used to be.  Ouch that stings a lot.  Admitting and worrying about the past is a super way to  lose control.  It must be the right time for the spirit inside my body to be free from old habits and freak out when victory has come to play.

Moving from San Francisco to Michigan was huge deal for me and that I’m forever grateful that I found Matthew. Yesterday was our nine year anniversary and we both are at the peaks of the good life.  We had a very tight long hug last night.  That was more special then roses, candy or even diamonds (if you could doubt that I am addicted to fine gems).  I even received a hand massage for a time and we fell asleep like we always do, we hold each others hands and allow my dog Boomer under the sheets.  Like a family.  Thanks be to the one and only higher power that opens my eyes every morning at 4:00 a.m.