Teeth Yank 2013


So in an hour, I am heading to the University of Michigan to “extract” (or my words freakin’ yankin’) 8 teeth all in one sitting.  They are supposed to give me laughing gas (not going to be laughing) to help “relax” the process of crunching bleeding and the dentists determination to remove my long rooted friends.  The hardest ones to lose are my two front teeth…wait, maybe my back teeth…wait, maybe ALL of them!


Went to the store to buy “soft foods” and spent like half of the money that we used to spend…that is a good sign.  I’m on this diet for the next three months so hopefully I can fit back into my skinny jeans and tube tops (teasing about the tube top—it is like 20 degrees outside and snowing).  Matthew also has it in his head that he is going to lose some pounds himself…I do most of the cooking so I will try to please both of us at the same time.  He eats everything and stays slender.


Going to sign off for now.  Drew a pic in a paint program so you can see what I will look like in a few hours!  Pray and wish this girl zero pain for the next week.  Tah tah for now!

Sad Mouth




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