New Abstracts at Espresso Milano


Marta & the Smarty Girl Picture Lunch


July 5th is my big opening for the Espresso Milano with the theme of “Smarty Girl” and this is my model for the day named Marta.  She was a ton of fun to work with and I pretty much took over on many fronts and she helped on many fronts as well.  Going to Walgreens to get them blown up for my show.  I am trying to figure out which ones to pic, like these top ones the most.  Guess it has been like 20 years that I did a photo project so I am excited to see if other people “get it”.  Thanks for all your support and hope you can come by the downtown Midland Coffee house to check it out!

Tah tah for now.


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Smarty Pants Collection for Espresso Milano Venue

Here the date is set at July 5th at 2 pm…waiting for this moment since I moved to Midland!  My favorite coffee house needs a local artist***me raising my arms high!  Signed up for this venue as my first choice.  The zaps of new ideas came to this head last week to do a series that reflects that pretty girls can do outstanding fantastic mind blowing intellectual feats too.  Made fun of or bullied because I was a nerd and this is payback time bitches.  These are on wood panels with glossy spray and wire backing.  I have yet to set a price.  Enjoy nerdy girls across the world.

Cinderella Workshop

Play the fairy god-mother by creating your own make-over of “cinder” girl to the queen of the ball. Learn the basics of how to draw a female figure, costume design, and faces. Gems and glitter will be provided to aid in your princess’s transformation. Open to all ages! With artist Heather-Dawn Deogracia. / $20, all materials provided. / Please call 989 837 1885 to pre-register.



FemaleFacehairstylesfemalefigurecostumedesignCinderellaPlotCinderella CosumechangesBallgown

New Brochure Today Call Me

Hurray for moving forward in this world called the art enterprise.  Pretty sure this brochure would convince you to buy work and show to others about the realistic illustrations that I make.  There is the PDF file below if you ever need to print it out for yourself.  Any new art lovers would be great!

Brochure 5.19.2017

FrontBrochure 5.19.2017


BackBrochure 5.19.2017 for Buying Items for Sale

This is the newest outlet to put my drawings on or near your body…a percentage goes to Creative 360’s Art Shop that is ran for differently abled individuals located in Midland Michigan.  Give to a good cause!  Posted on Facebook today:

Allise Noble Hello! I actually manage the website where you can get these shirts with artwork on them, and we definitely do have kids size t-shirts and even baby onesies 😉. I am posting the link to this particular design as an example… you can see there are a variety of clothing styles available for each design, and even other fun products besides shirts.
In response to Tewodros Mekonnen Getachew Lady’s t-shirt what about youngsters??

Setting up my own store in the near future.  Wish me luck!



Science Nerd in a Psyche Ward

MedicalIllustrationCellularAs you might already have know, I had a “chemical” vacation starting exactly on my birthday til two weeks later.  All balanced now and went over paperwork from my stay today the 18th of May. Hmmmm…yes I do NOT remember drawing these images on sketch paper or going nutty with crayons.  Be it Cytoplasm Inside of a Cell, Reproductive Organs or Mitosis of the The Human Body Divide .  They are pretty interesting so I thought I would share on here.  Science healed my brain and studying it in college  many times, I also feel the blessing of my father too.  Enjoy.



Existence Is A Priceless Gift


“Existence is a priceless gift and the beauties of nature are the priceless gifts of the existence!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

This is when I died. I was 22 years old and survived a very narrow death in a head on car crash…the seatbelt saved my life. An elderly lady went over two lanes and pushed us to the sidewalk and then right up a telephone pole. Firemen rescued me with the jaws of life. Went to the ER where they showed me an xray of my lungs. One side was white and the other was black. The first rib of my back snapped and punctured my right lung. The performed an emergency chest tube and could drain the fluids so my lung could work again. The second image you see is my release of blood and the reason I came back to life. Doctors, firemen, police, attorney did not see how I lived through it.


At this time, I had an out of body experience and an angel appeared to me as my sight was from the ceiling looking down…this whisper came to me and told me “breathe heather, you need to return to your sister”, I could see my sister from this view as she was sleeping by my hospital bed. I thought it was all the medication I was taken that I have these memories. I came across these pictures in my art room and finally had the strength to share them without people telling me I was crazy. I switched out of my bipolar in the same snap right away three years ago, I felt like I was in college, double majoring in pre-med and fine art. I am drawing things that I would have never thought of and reading like water. My weight gain is the most confusing part of this story. I feel beautiful and lovely here right now. Guess I am embraced in my body and my mind is healthy. Art is my purpose on Earth so I am not going to stop. Like ever.

New Realistic “Cherry & Strawberry”


The art work above was created by my so bright, talented, art instructor Allise Noble.  We are like totally the same style with female subjects in surreal settings.  We made an ART TRADE.  She made the image above that I hung right above my desk at $225…the best part is that I was given free pass to make whatever I wanted to hang in her new house.  To make her laugh I said, “Do you mind topless figures?”  I made her laugh so hard she almost landed on the floor!!  She was like “hello heather, we are artists and whatever you make is art to me.”  Nothing like a free reminder to me sometimes.  I studied ummm, naked people in college for five years, bachelors in medical illustration.  So here we go with the “art trade”.



This art canvas was already covered in red when I made it.  I’ve never tried this technique or ever used a “topless subject” before…she is a female tree and every female I know are naked under their clothes and all have breasts in one shape or another.

Her backstory is as her trunk grow and hair grows taller, she realizing that she is getting old and away from the ground.  Did you know that hair is dead cells and that is why it is preserved so well after people perish?  Back to the story, head thinking faster then typing again.  The strawberries in the field were placed there to remind the juicy strawberries that grow every year are just as juicy and fruity as they were before.  Like a mix of what is old and what is young in our bodies.  Another fun fact I learned in college is that plant cells that wood makes is out of sugar.  A cherry tree and strawberries are made of the same matter.

The End.  Let me know if you like her!!



New Spring Workshops for Creative 360


3-D Robot Art

With the right tools and imagination, take a flat image of fashion magazines and build it into a machine of destruction. Learn how to make armor, make elements increase in the height and personalize it with your own profile pics of your face. These robots have any age in mind and this is the perfect first time leap into the 3-D form. May 19th/$20


Angel Wings

With step-by-step instruction, angel wings start with easy to learn if you can draw triangles and straight lines. Learn the technique of how to add feathers, the stance of an open or closed pose and being realistic to how angels lift and land with their wings attached to the back of a figure. This challenging workshop will change the way you view and accomplish the entire angel drawing experience. June 9/$20

Cinderella: Before to After

This is the time you get to play the fairy god-mother by creating your own make-over of the poor “cinder” girl to the queen of the ball. Learn the basics of how to draw a female figure for before to after, do costume design, and ways to enhance her facial portrait changes by your own hands. This class will provide the glam sparkles, glitter and illustration skills for any age. June 23/$20





My First Workshop in Facial Portraits


Now this is what it looks like to be scared and excited at the same time.  Now I carry a dry eraseboard everywhere—in my car anyways—to teach art at any moment or time.

This workshop was tough on purpose.  This was serious like facial reconstruction that the police could use!!  My worksheet with 7 pages and the ride to get to the end was fun.  This took some “Art Math” to the extreme and the lightbulbs all lit up at the same time…the first picture they did right off the top of their head vs. after the class was shocking.  Here’s to my new calling!

Butterfly Treasure Workshop Creative 360


This is my newest workshop and new bio:

Drawing butterflies is easy and fun when you learn the basic shapes and colors, then move forward with step-by-step instruction in how to make your own beautiful creations.

Instructor Heather Deogracia is a graduate of California State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Illustration with a double major in Fine Art and Pre-Medicine. She was selected for the Legacy Trust Award Collection Statewide for 2014, 2016 and selected for the 2015 Midland County Art Letourneau Award for Collaboration and Creativity in Community Support. She has been a Midland Artists Guild Member for the last 3 years, and regularly exhibits in solo shows at local venues throughout the Midland area.

$20 / All materials provided. Please call 989 837 1885 to pre-register.

New Art Work for Art Clash 2017

sketch for art clash1

This Saturday at 3 pm is the fundraiser for the Do-All Inc. organization that helps disabled individuals to find work and sustain a positive experience working with others.

What makes this even special is that the artists are allowed only 3 hours to create an art piece in most mediums and participate in buyers that attend the event.  The event usually draws around 100 artists and there are cash prizes for up to ten.  This is the third year for me, sold my pieces the past two years for $80 and $125.

I wanted to challenge myself more so I picked a complicated illustration to challenge my illustration skills.  This is the original art work.  Deep I know!!  Gonna strain my brain.  Above is a 20 minute sketch…good to start with outlines and go soft on the color.  Let the magic begin.




Who is that Long Haired Heather?


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to look different and to try new things that are in fashion and in-style beauty wise.  That led me to a site named that sells artificial hair for $10-$50 in hair extensions and this color was dead on what the screen would look like for my hair color.  In all honesty, I have used the same hair color since I was 14 so who knows what blonde I am or if I have brown hair underneath.   I’m on my way to growing my hair out to a bit from my shoulders so these fit right in with no problems…I forgot why long hair feels like *I had long hair in college.  They do snap in and last for 6-12 months.  Look at the fun I have now.

Legacy Trust Award Collection


This art project is for a state-wide competition of the Legacy Trust Award Collection held at the Museum in Grand Rapids in May.  This year I am submitting my colorful work “Logic of Tigress” completed in two days last weekend-I work fast.  The piece is on a painted canvas with graphite and colored pencils as the forefront medium.

The meaning behind the piece is about a woman that uses her animal instincts to hunt down the truth of life.  She seems like two beautiful creatures and the vibrant colors were actually a surprise for me…this canvas was given to me by the gallery I volunteer at.  They said I could paint over the orange and this is the result of my imagination of my illustration using the bright colors.  Many positive comments were made on Facebook so I hope others can admire it and try to receive the message as well.  Some women have to have claws right?!

My artwork was selected in both 2014 and 2016 and was printed in the Midland Daily News at:

I was selected in 2014 and 2016 for the collection and the piece was printed in the newspaper.  The work in the article for 2016 was sold from the museum for $500 from a buyer in Grand Rapids.

The top three prizes of this collection are for a cash prize of $500 and sponsorship in ArtPrize fall open art exhibition.

Adirondack Chair Exhibit Application

Yeah I am back from my “chemical holiday” at the hospital.  Don’t worry…I am much better now and was worried that my art inspirations and motivations would fade to a very bad place.  Alive and kickin’ is what I say.  Just did this in three days so I know I did get some webs out of my head about the art part anyways.

Just saw this “Call to Artist” application at Studio 23 Art Center in Bay City, MI–about a 25 minute drive away on my fave list on Facebook.  The Leadership Bay County Chairs are going to be displayed in parks in all the city parks.  Bay City is going to providing paint, brushes and the chair for this project! You just need to provide your talent and time.




My First Day on the Job

Heather Hurts Inside: Illustration of a Broken Human
Graphic Novel due out June 1, 2017

It is the big date!!  2.2.2017 is the start of my graphic novel and 10 days before my birthday.  I am finally forty right this day…hmmm..this is my first ABSTRACT project three or four years ago.  Wiping tears and my mentor Dave Emmel (name is wrong) said this was a new staring image he has ever saw and then when I told him that I did it with my eyes closed, freak fest 2013.  Need to alter present techniques to this.
first-abstractMy heart lungs and mind are poured into a new website blog that shows the process of art, science, technology and a stream of my personality.  I am a sunshine girl with a purpose now for the morning routine and my life.  Watch out and come to play…my sister used to bite people in pre-school and I promise not to do that to you.

Oceans of Love.

Heather Hurts Inside
Due June 1, 2017


Can You Say “Graphic Novel”



Alrighty then.   This was before I wanted to kill myself at the age of 30.  Who would know that it would take me seven years to freaking snap myself into a miracle of bipolar paradise.  I was 30, making very good money at radio broadcasting…freakin’ city girl in San Francisco with a bright and challenging life.

Used to be a dime or a 10 out of 10 scale with a hot tall body, a sense of humor, too much personality (kill the sunshine type), properly educated, working since I was 12.  blah blah blah

Hmmmm…bipolar was my best friend for like 30 years!!  I earned so many things and blessings and then a full blown mental breakdown.  Like hospital for five days in the ummmm…not awesome mental ward *still haunts me to this day

After a relationship mishap, took my sisters hand to come to midland, mi.  She was hella rich and I did just get all that I ever ever wanted.

The time to show the cover and the skeleton layout is on it’s way.

Free time at 4 am til 11 pm with a wonderful nap in between of three hours.  Five chapters and three stories per chapter…thought it would take forever but the website of kickstart helped me with the business/planning end of my work.  I’m learning and loving it.

Promise to keep in touch with Heather Hurts Inside: Illustrations of a Broken Human.

Knocking that chemicals out of the brain unfiltered and a sprinkle of healthy art therapy