First Page American Princess

4 a.m.
Here take this manic addiction of mine, pump chemicals to see how long I shall remain alive.
 Take over the entire my universe in a female body and brain.
Just save me when I am mental or insane.

Read me. Draw me. Not the dangerous kind for prison I fear. 
I might write a book to be a maturity I have observed my life.
Lock me into a war of fear.

Feeding the sharp digestion is full of wealth and destruction of all time.
Living us the monster is the most challenging feeling I mind.

San Francisco vs. Midland is forever the champion of the heart and the battle of safety.
Two bags of clothes, a heavenly little sister for I must be here with no future in sight. 
The stars are forever lost buried in the digital numbers of time.

A manic state of circumstances, the artwork was just enough to be the purpose. 
The thought of drowning with the eyes closed in a trance of a tragic state,
Drug of choices is the addiction over spans of long years hoping to die.

The confusion held together an audience that tried to make sense of the lines. 
Why the loud colors and a storybook for anybody could figure out?
The uniqueness of a world of medicine and the art combined.

Leaving clues at all the museums, galleries, business world was all the creative one can do. 
Holding a chest to a fresh gulp of air of the public eyes was the mark of freedom..
The expressions of the blind drawings of the sighted ways yet enough to see.

Let the good will of servicing and helping others in the community see the light bulb moment.
Over a year in time in front of others was not a form of payment of cash but a lovely luxury.
Let anyone tap the shoulder of disabled fleshed human and see if the brain can function.

Alive the community swelled in teacher of the blood of art in soul of the body and sense of respect.
A little yellow pill rescuing the goddess from the sky above made of curious myths and light.
Awards and achievements at the upmost compliment for seeing what I knew all along.

Now the mute chatterbox with words and visions of the future shall others see and digest alive.
Her sweetness met with angry bees and flowers done dried away to dust and hurting the eyes.
The feral child of a father and mother died with wide wings to the red phoenix shall rise.

Future young creatures filled with tears and regretting the learning they ignored for so long mean.
Crown the princess of not man of lies of hate and hide aside, let her hold humanity of the world.
The virus won’t stop til the scientist fights god on the humans and robots win the rest of life.

Harsh words from her life of good deeds, like Dorothy helps saves Oz the animals with feelings.
The salty land of the the mermaids that swim as they try, the stars are all rich empty and die.
The end of Earth may lay down and not swim, there he goes again take faith to fly again.

 Never swam in the lakes at the age of 44, now shooting up forests and fish the lakes of blue

Take Canada with Dr. Peterson I need for all time, he is the wise man no doubt in mind.
Now I leave here my art and new stories for all time, remember me remember all time.


with the salt of the earth living now on great lakes,

Leaving behind publications of over 25 professional career was in Award-Winning international
Graphic Layout & Design, InternationalRadio Broadcasting as a Continuity Director.

 Harsh college educational background in a undergraduate  Bachelor’s degree in Medical Illustration
with the majors of Pre-Medicine and Fine Art from California State University in San Bernardino.

Going to leave a part of me alive in unmasking my past on digital data  and paper.
There hides secrets of broken humans and the recovering of an art journey. 
 Everyone needs to know the truth to see the future of tomorrow.

Published by heatherdeogracia

On the first day of my job, I walk into a production studio to hand in paperwork. A young gentleman stands up to shake my hand when I walk into the room. "Wow! You are tall." he states. I point to my heels of my shoes. "Wow! You are short." Laughter lights up the room. Matt Damon San Francisco Clear Channel Radio With an electric soul of an artist, Heather Deogracia, has an interesting personality that uses her manic branches of her mind to express her sense of humor, expand the creative hourly illustration addiction and continually read big books about artistic principles, elements and glorious techniques to feed her intellectual capabilities. “With a splash of color and chemicals in my brain, I have to clean it out once a day or it must flash flood my other organs.” Heather Deogracia Proud to start staging a background of her latest achievements, Heather was on the front page Sunday Feature in the Midland Daily News on Oct. 19, 2016 and is an Award-Winning Fine Artist for the state-wide competition Legacy Trust Award Collection for the past three years in a row. She displayed in over 30 exhibits and fundraisers in the tri-city area over the past four years. She has earned a 2017 Leadership of Bay County Achievement Award from Studio 23 and a Midland County Art Letourneau Award for "Collaboration and Creativity in Community Support". A harshly educated woman, Deogracia spent five years to earn a double major Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Medical Illustration in Pre-Medicine and Fine Art at California State University in San Bernardino. At the same time period, she held down three jobs as an Intern for the District Attorney, Graphics Editor for the college weekly newspaper and created the Peer Health Education program. Her artistic talents covered in the fine studio art requirements included painting, color theory, graphic design, photography, figure drawing, advanced drawing, watercolor, sculpture, illustration and art portfolio assignments to keep work organized. In the sciences, she has a background in chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, advanced human anatomy and psychology, biology, genetics, comparative animal psychology, marine biology and medical microbiology. Currently, she has been an art instructor for workshops for the past year for Creative 360, teaching private art lessons and writing a graphic novel soon to complete by the beginning of 2018 named Heather Hurts Inside: Illustrations of a Broken Human. The new true story is about a suicidal bipolar woman that is prescribed Ritalin at the age of 38 and she reverts back to her glory days of her life. The truth is that no one knows the past is killing her mind.