The Artist Workbook Written in 2014

The book labeled The Artists Way Workbook by Julia Cameron has morning page journaling.  Believe it or not, I wrote this entry in 2014 and feels just as significant as it did back then.

  1. Hunger for reasons: I used to drive my mother insane with questions she had no explination of, I think in sokme ways she was both ignorant and uneducated, it was like I was a philosopher and wanted to tind the mean of life: I was always reading to do so
  2. Book smarts:  I used to be in the “reading Olympics” as a child I used to read all the time, book worm girl-the lirary used to make me sooooo excited.  I just read to escape my childhood-gavea chance to be left alone by everyone-in addition, my mother didn’t have to discipline or watch me when I was just reading.  I hated my my mom never read a single book the whole time I was raised
  3. Very outhoing with stranger: it was veary constant to get to know other people then my own family.  My mom didn’t like me to invite friends over or even fun when she didn’t know “their parents”.  I was fascinated by how instant a connection could be made if you were just nice to a stranger-I also was also sexually abused sso I assumed that every person had my male behavior
  4. Easilly entertained: I used to scream/giggle a if someone was trying to hold or start for my attention.  I was scared of clowns.  Just some of them.  I would clap my hands and have a huge smile from ear to ear.  My parents were not entertaining and never grasped the concept that laughing was the best medicine and having a sense of humor made life so mo much more stimulating and for a reason to get involved with people yoou felt “happy” around for a reason to get involved with people you felt “happy” around
  5. Chatterbox: I was born with this gift to meet anyone to respond to my compliments or ful with my “real” personality.  I was to be ANTI-chatterbox and my mom would get Furious if I talked too much or was popular because I was outgoing. “mostougoing” was wh “” was.  I love hearing stories or listening to another person to share because my back and forth sresponse was pleasing for eachoof.  Chatter bosing also gets you prepared for that persons individuality to shine.