Concept for the Annual Dow Art Science Exhibit

2019 Dow High Annual Fair 12.16

Last year one of the students from Dow High was recommended  by her art teacher to give me an interview for college credit…she contacted me with fair questions after she read the interview after she read my front page story of the Midland Daily News for a Sunday Feature about Art Therapy for those with mental illnesses. She did a fine job and I was happy to help. What if an art student with a talent for science as well as art…hmmmm…now is the exact moment to host next year.

Brand new idea came to me yesterday about having a Dow sponsored event named the Dow First Annual Art Science Fair at Dow High with prizes that would be scholarships, gift cards for art supplies for the top winners. The themed fair must be judged by the instructions and administration with all knowledge of the mix of art and science instructors of the Dow staff. Dow knows a little by science, indeed, and I want to shake it up for high school students…applications or in the art word as a call to artists for schools in the Midland District under the age of 18 want to stay in the teen or younger years. The art could include photographs, 2-3 drawn images, multimedia and sculptures. I have been a volunteer at Creative 360 for over 4 years and want to branch out my real skills of my college degree in Medical Illustration. My website is if you ever need to see my resume and my work. My contact information is below this email. Thank you for your time and feel free to let me know if this is something you would put your heart into.