Roaring 20’s Fundraiser for Disability Network

Can you just have too much fun in one night???  Dressing up, heavy make-up, dinner of fish and steak with a desert of a lemon tart..then add art in the mix!  I met the most amazing wonderful crowd of party goers and a lot “got” my art of closing my eyes to do images.  Usually at home, I can spank out a new image super flashlike.

So the first fifteen people that approached my table, I thought I could get done with contour lines and color.  I was so determined and excited at the same time.  The images I made were so unique, even I was like, wow…it was so fun to see reactions and having a new experience of merging the person you drew for and what familiar things they could find.  I’ve only done this at home so a live crowd is brand new.

Thank you, thank you for your support and a congratulations for a job well done.  I air hug all the ones that smiled and liked my drawings!

My best friend Marta came dressed up as a beautiful actress from the 20’s.  She is stunning and I jumped to take some model shots of her…I’m a bit rusty on my photography skills from college.  Thanks for coming girl!  Our chit-chats were hilarious..I am just thankful that you are genuine and rad.




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