Can You Say “Graphic Novel”



Alrighty then.   This was before I wanted to kill myself at the age of 30.  Who would know that it would take me seven years to freaking snap myself into a miracle of bipolar paradise.  I was 30, making very good money at radio broadcasting…freakin’ city girl in San Francisco with a bright and challenging life.

Used to be a dime or a 10 out of 10 scale with a hot tall body, a sense of humor, too much personality (kill the sunshine type), properly educated, working since I was 12.  blah blah blah

Hmmmm…bipolar was my best friend for like 30 years!!  I earned so many things and blessings and then a full blown mental breakdown.  Like hospital for five days in the ummmm…not awesome mental ward *still haunts me to this day

After a relationship mishap, took my sisters hand to come to midland, mi.  She was hella rich and I did just get all that I ever ever wanted.

The time to show the cover and the skeleton layout is on it’s way.

Free time at 4 am til 11 pm with a wonderful nap in between of three hours.  Five chapters and three stories per chapter…thought it would take forever but the website of kickstart helped me with the business/planning end of my work.  I’m learning and loving it.

Promise to keep in touch with Heather Hurts Inside: Illustrations of a Broken Human.

Knocking that chemicals out of the brain unfiltered and a sprinkle of healthy art therapy